How To Lose a Pound a Week

If you want to lose weight in a consistent manner, then you need to know the basic rules that will help to ensure that your weight loss efforts will be successful.  If you know how much you can eat in order to lose weight, you can create healthy eating plans that will not only help […]

Zumba – Dance Your Way to Fitness

There are two things that you need to do in order to get fit and lose weight.  The first is to reduce the amount of food that you eat and the second is to increase the amount of exercise that you do. This can take any form as long as you raise your heart rate […]

Why Fad Diets and Starvation Diets Fail

When you look at the glossy magazines, you will find lots of stories about how a particular celebrity lost weight and dropped a couple of dress sizes by using a short term diet.  However there are several things that are missed out in these stories which would convince you that faddy diets do not work. […]

Best Rotisserie Roasters | Best Rotisserie Ovens


How to find the best countertop rotisserie roaster oven When looking for the best rotisserie oven there are several things to ask yourself to determine your needs. How large a family do you need to cook for? Do you want a double rotisserie roaster as shown here or do like the functionality of a vertical […]

How to Care For and Clean Your Bathroom Faucet


One of the things you may not consider when choosing a bathroom faucet is how you will care for and clean your bathroom faucet. While most people think of using an all-purpose cleaner for their bathroom, faucets require other considerations to keep them looking pristine. One of the easiest metal faucet finishes to keep clean […]

What are Washerless Bathroom Faucets?

Washerless bathroom faucets are made with a cartridge, disc or rotating ball as part of the inner assembly. Sometimes you’ll see faucets described as having “ceramic disc valving” to prevent leaking. Let’s face it. When is comes to bathroom faucets, leaking can cause mildew as well as other corrosion, so a faucet that offers an […]

Choosing the Best Bathroom Faucets for your Home

One of the simplest ways to update your bathroom is by replacing the bathroom faucet. The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home so whether your bathroom faucet is outdated, leaky or unattractive, replacing it can give your bathroom a fresh, new look, as well as better functionality. These days, […]

Easy Homemade Soap Making


If you’ve ever wanted to make your own soap at home, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of working with lye and using protective gloves, here is an easy soap making tutorial that’s fun and lets you focus on the creative part of easy homemade soap making. Start by getting a Melt and Pour […]

New Years Bash $500 PayPal Cash Giveaway


Happy Hew Year 2015! To celebrate, several bloggers have gotten together to bring you this $500 PayPal Cash GiveAway! You can enter this raffle till the end of January, then a random winner will be selected through Rafflecopter. To get more entries to increase your chances of winning, visit as many bloggers as you can […]

Decorate your Buffet for Christmas


The Christmas holiday is a special time for home decorating. If you have a dining room buffet server, it can become a beautiful holiday focal point with just a few elegant Christmas decorations. During the holidays, I like to use my server to display Christmas villages, because they’re so pretty and they seem to get lost […]